Sport Performance Scale


Rate and track your sport performance or your team performance thanks to a few simple scales.

By simply sliding your finger on the tablet screen, you can choose to evaluate the physical & cognitive demands of your last exercise or your concentration & decision-making performance during your last training session or game. Graphics will automatically be generated so that you can follow your performance session by session.

This application has been approved after a few research trials on the field according to coaches’ and players’ advices and needs. The subscription to obtain a user licence during one year costs 19.99$ and is extendable. All the profits generated by this application will serve for research funds and development dedicated to the next application upgrades.

The tool you need

The Sport Performance Scale is a tool dedicated to help coaches and athletes to easily record their performance on the field and to give them an instantaneous and automatic feedback. No more pen and paper ratings, data transcription on your computer or any manual data collection. The Sport Performance Scale will automatically update your scoring on graphics and you can easily export the data on your computer for feedback and team meetings.

For coaches :

You can rate and follow your players’ performances during the whole season whether it is for games or practices. To that purpose, the performance can be traced at any time during the season. The tracking of your team performance will be based on objective records instead of your feelings and subjective memories that degraded with time. Moreover, you can compare your own evaluation to your players’ ratings whether it pertains to the difficulty of training (e.g.: Physical Demand Scale) or the concentration during practice (e.g.: Concentration Scale). It could help adapt the training difficulty and explain or prevent player injury. On the whole, this tool will improve the general knowledge of a team performance.

For players :

The Sport Performance Scale offers you a tool to record your performance day by day so you can follow your training evolution. This simple application gives you an objective feedback and improves your knowledge about training and games. The main goal of the Sport Performance Scale is to help you to improve yourself.

The Sport Performance Scale step by step

About your organization

The first step is very short and consists in creating an account by answering a few questions about your location and the sport you are involved in. Note that you can review this information later in the main menu via the “Settings” button.

Tip 1 : You should select your name in the line “coach” of the “Settings” menu (after you have added it in the “Coach” menu) if you are the only coach using the tablet. This will save you time during the evaluation.

Tip 2 : If you rate numbers of athletes from different ages, you would like to order their name by date of birth instead of alphabetic order. To do so, check “list of players sorted by date of birth” in the “Settings” menu.

Main Menu

The main menu offers you two principle choices (Player or Coach) plus the “Settings” button. If you are a coach, you have to use the “Coach” button, otherwise, use the “Player” button.

Tip : The “Export Data” option in the main menu offers you the opportunity to transfer the results on your tablet in order to export them to your computer. The results file (extension “.xml”) can be opened by using Microsoft Excel or a similar program.

Sets of questions

The next menu gives you the choice to select two different set of questions. The first set consists in rating your last exercise in terms of physical and cognitive demand.

Create a profile

The first time you will use the Sport Performance Scale, you will have to enter a new Player or Coach name by pressing on “New Player” or “New Coach”. If you are a coach, you can create your players’ profile through the “Player” section of the main menu.

Tip : you can edit profile information anytime you want by maintaining your finger on a name during a few seconds. Be careful, if you choose de delete a player from the list, his data will be lost.

Rate yourself or your players

After you picked a name, a simple explanation is given to you to make sure you understand clearly what you need to rate. Note that you can always read the explanation when you are giving your answer by pressing the “Explanation” button at the bottom of the screen.

Before the evaluation, you have to give quick information about your last exercise whether it is training, a game or anything other than training and game. Then you have to answer the first (Physical Demand) and the second (Cognitive Demand) question by sliding your finger on the scale rated from 0 to 10.

The second set of questions will allow you to rate your concentration and your decision-making speed and efficiency through three scales rated from 0 to 10. The steps remain the same as for the first set of questions. Note that if you are a coach (coach menu) you have to rate your players and not yourself during this set of questions.


A graphic pops up automatically right after you have answered a set of questions. It shows your performance (arbitrary unit) as a function of the number of sessions.

Tip : A graphic showing the results will appear automatically only after your second session of ratings. Then you can always choose to see to results anytime you want by pressing on the “results” button at the step where you select players’ names into the menu. You will have the choice to sort the data by training/game/other.


This application has been developed for Google Nexus 7’ tablets but can be supported by most of Android systems.


Sport Performance Scale v1.0, 2014, Laboratoire de psychophysique et de perception visuelle, École d’optométrie, Université de Montréal.

Researcher’s inventors : Jocelyn Faubert & Thomas Romeas

Developer inventor : Vadim Sutyushev

Financial support : NSERC

Patent : University of Montreal, Bureau Recherche Développement Valorisation (BRDV), eValorix


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